Roller Compactors
Powtec- Roller Compactors for dry granulation of powder. Particle size, bulk density, flowability and solubility are all adjustable.
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Size reduction machines
Powtec offers a wide range of homogenisation and size reduction machines. Whether coarse or fine, dry or wet, hard or soft, elastic or brittle, inline or batch processing - we can provide an appropriate solution.
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Bulk density measuring devices
The respective bulk density of all substances at hand, whether they are in powder or granulate form, can be be determined in a standard manner using Powtec measuring devices.
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Laboratory spray dryer
The laboratory spray dryers produce a free flowing powder from a liquid sample in seconds. The dryers are self-contained units and are supplied complete and ready for immediate operation.
download pfd-file » Download leaflet Lab. Scale Spray Dryer SD-Basic (Acrobat pdf, 102 kB)
download pfd-file » Download leaflet Lab. Scale Spray Dryer SD-06 (Acrobat pdf, 557 kB)

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